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Pikashow apk popular video streaming app that offers a vast range of the best movies, live tv shows, live cricket, and programs.


Pikashow apk popular video streaming app that offers a vast range of the best movies, live tv shows, live cricket, and programs. Moreover, the app also helps to watch other video streaming and other original content on the devices. It is the best online video streaming app to entertain users from all over the world.
 The app has a wide range of entertainment across the world which makes it globally distinctive in the online market of social media. The unique quality that makes the Pikashow online streaming app better and unique is the variety of best-quality content. 

The app has a user-friendly front or interface and diversity of content for better services to entertain people. You can also filter content of all types by genre, any year, and the rating base from a massive collection of TV shows, movies, and dramas. All these qualities and unique features gave it so much fame. 

What is Pikashow APK

Pikashow developer has created this app according to the choices and uses of the app. Its popularity and better user experience make it in the top ten downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. Its features for the user's interest are worth the video streaming app due to its high quality and large quantity. Pikashow is a big source of entertainment in the world online and provides millions of content in a single app. In addition to prime opportunities for streaming it has good attributes like high-quality video, and fast downloading in a single click.
 Furthermore, it also gives the option to customization, subtitles, the best user-friendly interface, and Chrome broadcasting. There is a variety of content to entertain the audience of Hollywood to Bollywood, including 500 plus live streaming TV channels, News, Live sports streaming, and All Shows. Moreover, pikashow also covers On-demand videos and Over-the-top content and the app will provide on the top your favourite entertainment material. However, pikashow has different streaming and multiple features in one app making it perfect for entertainment. In conclusion, you can use the app on a computer/ laptop, android, and iPhones. 

Best Features of Pikashow APk

Pikashow is a great app with multiple features that can withstand all situations of the markets due to its extra features. It can compete with the market in all ways and offers the latest features that users want. There is no need for any type of technical information to run this advanced app. Its user-friendly nature helps to install and enjoy it without any additional assistance. The developer of the latest app has a policy for their permanent user.
 They give special offers to permanent users by accessing premium features. However, the developer company of the modern app also offers a free trial for 7 days. There is an abundance of advanced features in this app which are easy to use without any trouble. We will enlist all the important features along with their uses in the Pikashow.

Movies streaming app

The most important and necessary feature of Pikashow is that its library has a massive quantity of movies. The movie streaming app provides the movie content of movie industries across the world. It offers movies from different global movie industries like Bollywood, Hollywood, Karnataka, and Tamil. Moreover, the app also updates frequently to connect the latest content in all respective material. Without caring about the country, people love to watch trending and generic movies. Therefore, the pikashow focuses on finding content like fantasy, action, horror, musical, comedy, and drama. 


Hollywood movies in the app cover most of the portion in the app collection. This is the fact that Hollywood brings Holywood lovers to this distinctive app. 


This is the Indian film industry that is one of the most viewed in Asia and other continents as well. So, users can find almost all movies from Bollywood in the pp


Pikashow added tollywood content on the demands of clients in the recent update. The Hollywood movies are known as Telugu movies.

South Indian

This is another famous film industry that is famous for its content. Its content is densely popular so Pikashow also includes its brand in the collection.


You can also search for some films from the Pakistani film industry Lollywood.

Anonymous Collection

Lastly, you must know that Pikashow included movies from different countries

Live TV Channel

Local cable networks provide access to live TV channels. However, the problem arises when your preferred TV station is geographically restricted. PikaShow is helpful in this scenario since it lifts territorial prohibitions and lets you watch your preferred TV shows. Moreover, pikashow has a 500-plus collection of Indian TV channels. You can download the app and enjoy all shows and programs from any country broadcasting.

Star Plus

Star Plus is included as the top entertainment channel in the Indian region. In Addition, pika49how is an alternative or transparent transmission

Sun TV

This is another famous TV channel. You can also watch this type of transmission such as dramas, news, and shows on the Pikashow app.


Goldmines is an Indian movie channel available around the clock on PikaShow's TV Telecasters List.

Colors TV

 Given that Colors TV is arguably the most viewed Indian channel worldwide.

Live Programs Streaming

Like other features and streaming of movies and live TV channel broadcasting. Pikashow also gives the ability to access the users to enjoy trending and demanded programs. Users can access international and local programs like News, Dramas, Top Fashion shows, Business management information, and history programs. Users can also enjoy missed highlights and recaps of programs before the time.


 this is the universal platform that offers various drama series on almost all Indian channels.


 if you are a fashion lover you can download and pikashow and seek your favourite program.


This is the distinctive feature of the app. Pikashow has organized a separate portion of the news. This section broadcasts international and local transmissions like sports.

History and business

this all-in-one app also facilitates the international history channels. These include  National Geography, and much more. Moreover, you can also take a look at your favorite business channels and programs.

Live sports Broadcasting

Numerically, there are a variety of features and international local sports channels that any other source does not own, even cable operators. It covers one hundred-plus sports channels that any other source cannot compete with. Moreover, users don't face any geographical restrictions on the app. Furthermore, you can also watch highlights if you missed the live streaming of any game.


you must know that cricket is the second most-watched game in the world. The pikas-how is a gift for cricket fans where they can support their favorite team in the app. 

Hockey and Car Racing

hockey games are hardly broadcast on the TV channels but Pikashow gives an opportunity to hockey lovers with a premium subscription. Moreover, it also telecasts car racing events for the lover.


 this is the app where you can watch all formats of football like premier league and other events.


it provides HD video quality for all wrestling channels and programs.

OTT Platforms at Pikashow

This is a prominent feature of the app that enables direct access to various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, and Ullu.

Best Quality Video Streaming

Get in touch with streaming Pikashow APK's remarkable modern experience and adventure. This prominent app supports the best quality video streaming. Moreover, it also offers high-quality video with heartbreaking audio playback for an immersive experience. It not only supports the best quality video but it also ensures the clear video along with clear audio. It doesn't matter which type of content watching like thrilling movies or TV series app Guarantee 

Streaming Customization options

Pikashow APK has various customization options to adjust video quality according to your interest. You can adjust video quality and playback customization in the amazing app. Users can set the video quality and change the sound quality to make the customization adventure with this prominent feature. You can also decrease the video resolution or increase it according to your preference. Users can also decrease the video streaming quality to conserve data. 

No Need for Subscription

Take a recent adventure by Pikashow downloading a large effective content library without any payment or subscription dues. This is a free app with all features and uses. There are various streaming apps or services that provide paid content but Pikashow offers a free media library. This is an affordable online streaming problem solution for the people who use social media. There is no need for any subscription for any type of content like Movies, TV shows and programs, web material, and live TV channels.

Chromecast aid

Immersive into the best content from the Pikashow APK by using Chromecast. You can trickle into worldwide content by using Chromecast in the trending Pikashow app. There are all applications in the app that Chrome offers due to integration with Chromecast. Moreover, it also allows the user to emit the best content onto big screens for a great experience. Lastly, this modern app with modern features gives complete access to Chromecast content for a better user experience.

Subtitles and Dubbing for Multiple Languages 

Pikashow apK is a unique tool for users that uses almost every feature that the user aspect of the app. It gives the opportunity for subtitles and dubbing for various languages of the world. This feature of the stunning app enhances its uses all over the world due to subtitles and dubbing. The app offers dubbing and subtitles for multiple languages of different countries. This also increases the content and knowledge of different foreign languages for the users.

Regular Content Updates

It's another feature that keeps its audience up-to-date as the app sends regular updates for the latest content. The app emphasizes sending notifications to remind users. Sending notifications and the latest release content keeps users up-to-date. This new feature also continuously adds new content for TV shows, movies, TV channels, and web series. It helps the user to stay updated with the series of new trending and famous content.

Multiple varieties and languages

This is the right choice for users to explore the massive variety of genres and languages to experience. Here you can cater to various preferences and a variety of audiences through a wide range of different region content of various languages and varieties.  You can enjoy all kinds of action such as romance, and comedy in every situation of your mood. There are a variety of choices and preferences for all types of people across the world. 

Use an Easy interface

Pikashow provides a user-friendly interface to its users. This feature of the app makes it distinctive from the other apps and assists users in creating or searching for new content. This is the reason that the app prides itself on helping and providing easy use of the app. Users can switch in the world of the latest and trending with the help of this most-used app. Users can access the content of all types without any hassle. It takes no time to search for trending or popular content.

Offline viewing Quality

This is the greatest feature of the pikashaw that gives the opportunity to users to watch movies, sports, and or any other type of content offline. It facilitates the users to download his/her favorite movies or videos to watch later in their leisure time. Users can watch downloaded content offline without an internet connection anywhere at any time in the universe. This is the best feature that gives the opportunity to save the preferred content and watch it later after the completion of work or duty. This is the ideal feature of the app for people connecting to different work situations and can watch movies sports or favorite shows. 

Downloading of Pikashows on Android

Downloading the Pikashow apk and installing is quite easy as running the app is easy and simple. Here we explain the step-by-step process of downloading and installing the latest version of the app on the Android device. Moreover, you should check the requirements for the downloading of the official app.
  • To immerse in the online world by downloading the latest Pikashow app version press the download button.
  • Wait for just a few seconds as the server loads for proper work.
  • When the downloading is completed click on settings in your phone as the path given below 
  • Setting>security & fingerprint option >enable or unlock unknown sources to permit this app to your device storage
  • Go to Android device File Manager>Download Folder> install pikas-how apk file 
  • Allow admin permission like Gallery, media, or library access also allow location access to complete installation. 
  • Lastly, an icon will appear on Android click this icon to open the app, verify it, and enjoy using the app. 

Step to download app for IOS users 

This is a slightly different process to download Pikashow for iOS or iPhone devices from the Android mobile. 
  • You can download the app by following the steps given below. Moreover, there is no need for additional tools or software.
  • Visit the App Store and search pikas-how by visiting your Apple App Store search function. 
  • After searching the exact app, verify it and press the download button. 
  • Now is the last step to get the app, which is the installation process wait till completion of installation and allow important permission. 
  • Lastly, get the app and enter into a new adventure.

Downloading For PCs and Laptops

This is another marvelous and attractive quality that the latest version of the Pikashow app is also available for Laptops and PCs. However, it needed an Android device emulator to run it on the Windows operating system. 
  1. First download Bluest ack’s latest version and open it on your PC 
  2. After downloading and installation of Bluestack run the Android emulator 
  3. Find Pikashow in the search bar using the Google Account
  4. Install it after finding the right app and wait to complete the auto-installation
  5. Finally, open and run it 

Most Common Troubleshoot Of Pikashow

It is a technical app Sometimes it can create some little problems for the users. However, no need to worry we will guide you and help to fix these common errors. There is no need for technical knowledge to fix issues. 
Why Pikashow is not working: uninstall the old version of the app and redownload and install the latest updated version from this website.
Pikashow Login issues: this problem can be fixed by using a personal Gmail account for Pikashow premium login and don't share it.
Pikashow is unable to connect server: you can solve it by refreshing the app three to four times. 
Pikashow Not connecting: A low internet connection can create this error. Check your internet and set strong internet availability.


Pikashow is the best online video streaming app for all types of video content such as tv channel, live sports streaming, and live TV broadcasting of shows and programs. There are extra unusual advanced features in this app to facilitate the users in all ways. It covers local and international content like news, movies, fashion, and historical transmission.